Frequently Asked Questions

What is MCA?

Mole Check Australia is a bulk billing clinic that focuses on the early detection, treatment and prevention of skin cancer.

Who should have mole checks?

Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. Skin cancers can be caused by sun exposure/sunburn, tanning or genetics. Those with fairer skin and who burn easily are more prone to getting skin cancers.

All people should have an awareness of the moles on their body and have them checked if they are changing. People with fair skin, who burn easily, who have lots of moles or who have previously had skin cancer should be checked at least yearly.

Who does mole checks and when are they available?

Skin checks are performed by experienced doctors, who have a keen interest and specialised training in skin cancer detection and management.

At Mole Check Australia, our doctors performs skin checks and is available to do these checks in during regular clinic hours. Patients will not be double booked, as to provide our patients with appropriate time and attention to conduct the skin check.

What do mole checks involve?

Our doctors will take a medical history from patient to better understand their risk of skin cancer.

With the patient’s consent, our doctors will perform a full body skin check, from head to toe. Undergarments are usually NOT removed. A specialised medical magnifying equipment will be used to perform the skin check. Patients’ may identify moles for the doctor to specifically assess or choose to only check certain areas of the body.

Patients are welcome to attend with a family member. If they attend alone, they can choose to have a chaperone with them – this will usually be a nurse or receptionist.

The chaperone’s role in this situation is to accompany and support the patient during the examination.

How much does it cost to have a mole check?

Mole Check Australia is a bulk billing medical service. For the skin checks, there are no out-of-pocket costs to the patient if they have valid Medicare or private insurance.

If the doctors decide that the patient requires further investigation, in the form of a skin biopsy (taking a skin sample), the usual charge is $40 + Medicare rebatable fees.

How long does skin check usually takes?

Skin check appointments usually take around 15 minutes.

What happens if I suspect that I have skin cancer?

If our doctor suspects that the patient might have a skin cancer, they will usually be requested to return for another appointment for a skin biopsy – a small procedure which will be done in the clinic, in which a sample of the skin/mole is taken for further assessment. This appoint will usually take around 30 minutes.

Do the MCA doctors do mole removal?

Moles and spots can sometimes be removed by Mole Check Australia. Patients can discuss this with the doctor during their consultation. However, the doctor may refer the patient to Skintech Medical Cosmetic Clinic for further treatment of skin lesions.